Private Car Permit to Drive Application & Authorisation

Private Car Permit to Drive Application & Authorisation

Declaration and information provided by drivers of own cars to apply to drive on UNISON branch business.

I have provided the branch with;

  1. A screenshot of the details taken from the government website of my ‘valid and current full driving license’. This is available from: (you will need your driving licence number, national insurance number and post code)

  2. My insurance policy certificate

And agree to copies being taken and held each year and upon changes. I also agree to provide details of the registration, make and model of the vehicle to allow vehicle tax and MOT checks to be made.

I agree to inform my branch of any significant changes to my licence (and provide a screenshot of the update from the government website, as above), insurance or health that would prevent me from driving legally and any change of vehicle.

I confirm that the vehicle that I will use for branch purposes has been, and will be maintained, and appropriately services in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

I understand that I have to repeat this process upon changing the vehicle if it is to be used for branch business purposes before it’s use will be authorised.

I understand that any damage to the vehicle caused subsequent to the date of this form that makes it unsafe to drive will invalidate this permit.