Confidentiality Agreement (Doxford)

UNISON Confidentiality Agreement

I understand that during my appointment as a UNISON Representative within the Doxford branch, I shall be trusted, or come into contact with, confidential & personal information relating to members of UNISON or activities of the branch or business (EDF Energy).

I declare that I shall not abuse this trust by disclosing to any person or organisation any confidential or sensitive information belonging to our members or EDF Energy, which may come to my knowledge during my appointment.

I understand that all confidential records, documents and other papers relating to UNISON EDF Doxford Branch members or EDF Energy are the property of UNISON and must be stored carefully and securely in accordance with all applicable laws, and the requirements of UNISON, including but not limited to Section 12.1.2 "Data Protection" in the Code of Good Branch Practice and all requirements of the UNISON Rulebook, 2019.

I understand that if I breach this confidentiality agreement, the matter will be investigated, and I could be subject to formal action under the union’s disciplinary procedure. Serious breaches of confidences and trust may lead to termination of my appointment as a UNISON Representative and possible further action may be taken by UNISON.
If you are unsure as to whether a particular piece of information is deemed confidential, you should check with an Officer of your Branch before disclosing it.