Branch Nominations & AGM 2022

The UNISON Annual General Meeting (AGM) for our branch is being held on Friday 25 February 2022 from 18:00 to 20:00.  Every member is invited to come along to the meeting which, this year which will be held at The Barnes, Sunderland. For those wishing to attend virtually a link will be sent prior to the AGM (please confirm how you wish to attend via the RSVP form attached).   

The AGM is the single most important meeting of a UNISON branch’s yearly calendar.  It ratifies the branch positions (below) and allows members to provide feedback and raise concerns that they may have about their day to day issues within the company.

The more of us that attend these meetings, such as the AGM, will mean the more issues or concerns that can be raised and discussed.  This will then allow us to feedback to the company how we are all being impacted by the day-to-day issues within the workplace, and as more people provide their own voices, the better we can work to resolve the issues we face.

Nomination Form process

Any member wishing to be nominated for any positions listed below, should complete the attached form (to this email or via this form) and return a scanned copy by e-mail to the MBX-UNISON DOXFORD mailbox, by 5pm on Friday 31 December 2021.  

If more than one nomination is received for any Branch Officer positions, an election will take place via email in accordance with the Branch Rules, prior to the Annual General Meeting. 

Candidates will be informed of any contested posts as soon as possible, and asked to prepare a typed election address statement of no more than 250 words to explain their reason for standing.  Any typed election addresses, should be scanned and e-mail to the MBX-UNISON DOXFORD mail box, by 3pm on Friday 21 January 2022

Please note that all existing Branch Officers and Workplace Reps/Activists intending to continue as representatives must have a nomination form completed and returned by the deadline date as indicated above.   

Anyone wishing to stand for any position will need to attend the AGM to be elected in accordance with the Branch Rules, failure to attend without prior agreement will result in you not being elected into your chosen position.

If you would like to know more about the positions please email the MBX Mailbox stating the position you are interested in. 

The Branch Officer positions are

·    Chairperson

·    Secretary

·    Assistant secretary

·    Treasurer

·    Education Coordinator

·    Equality Officer(s)

·    Health & Safety Officer

·    Young Members’ Officer

·    Women’s Officer

·    LGBT+ Officer

·    Black Members Officer

·    Disabled Officer

·    Branch Organiser

·    Communications Officer

·    International Officer

·    Membership Officer

·    Welfare Officer

·    Labour Link Officer(s)
[Elected by the members who pay the political levy and are party member only].

·    Retired Members’ Secretary [Elected by the Retired members only]

Other Branch Workplace Reps/Activist roles to be nominated are:

·     Steward

·      Health & Safety Rep

·      Union Learning Rep

·     Equality Rep

UNISON retired members shall be entitled to attend the AGM and to vote on issues not relating to the pay and conditions of members in employment.  They will be entitled to stand for office and vote only for the position of Retired Members’ Secretary.  Retired members can ‘propose’ and ‘second’ for the Retired Members Secretary post only.

You can download the form here.

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