National Storytelling Week (30 January – 6 February)

National Storytelling Week takes place in storytelling clubs, theatres, museums, schools, hospitals, spoken word venues, and care homes (where this event has been steadily growing each year!) Wherever the events take place, the web of stories will be spun with sufficient magic between the breath of the teller and the ear of the listener.

National Storytelling Week is celebrated by all ages enjoying- Folk tales, fairy lore, figments, phantoms, dragons, serpents, storms at sea. A good teller will conjure intriguingly.

To tellers all, who have given time and made with their tale a timeless memory, our thanks for the gift given. To those who heard and listened and walked away carrying that tale with them, my hopes go out too to share the tale they heard.

Remember everyone has at least one story to tell. It exists in the very air around you – Your story is the one you know best and as it is only the beginning, the stories you will tell might begin with ‘Once upon a time’ 

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