12 Days to Christmas

The Festive Period is a wonderful time of year for some people, but also a stressful and worrisome time for others.

We think it is important to look after yourself as well as others.  With this in mind we’ve put together some suggested activities which help you split your time between caring for others and taking time for yourself.

09/12/2020Help a neighbour
10/12/2020Take up a new hobby
11/12/2020Make your own Decoration
15/12/2020Give things away
16/12/2020Colour Something in
17/12/2020Volunteer for a local charity
18/12/2020Take a walk
21/12/2020Homemade Gifts
22/12/2020Read something
23/12/2020Have a Christmas Night In
24/12/2020Time for you

Neil McLennan and Jacqueline Bonas have put together a few tips on some of the suggestions on the list.

Feel free to share your own suggestions, or what you have done in the comments section below!

Colour Something In (Neil)
We have some amazing artists working at EDF and would like to see some lock down art. Do you create magical doodles whilst on the phone? Are you creating a masterpiece whilst setting up a direct debit?
If this is you send in a picture of your creations for our online gallery.

Read Something (Neil)
Have you read a book over lockdown you would like to review one? Maybe you have written something yourself. If you have a review you would like published send it in. How about setting up a book club? You can keep your mind active and be introduced to different genres.

Take a Walk (Neil)
Does your body miss running for the bus? Climbing up the stairs (whist holding the handrail) in the office no longer a daily exercise routine? If lockdown has reduced your physical activity how about introducing walking as a daily routine. From long walks in the countryside to daily walks to keep up your step count there are many opportunities to keep up your physical activity.

Please tell us of any suggested places to walk and take in local beauty spots. You can also invite friends to join you in a step challenge.

New Hobby (Jacqueline)
I can’t think of anything more rewarding than picking up a new hobby during lockdown. You can look back and think that you learnt that new skill during the pandemic. You could learn a new language or even how to use an instrument, it’s a great way to spend your time wisely and will ensure you stay motivated so that you do accomplish the new skill by the end of lockdown. It’s all available online for free.

My new hobby is plants. I have no garden so definitely not gardening! I had one plant at the beginning of lockdown, a succulent of some kind. It didn’t do much, just sat there. One day I saw someone selling plants locally on Facebook, cheap, so I bought a couple and it spiralled from there. I have lots of succulents now, because they are easy to look after and relatively hard to kill. They also put out new baby plants so the collection will grow itself.

De-Cluttering (Jacqueline)
Yes, you CAN declutter during lockdown… and it could even help you lose weight, moving things around and taking them to the tip!

De-cluttering can have physical and mental health benefits. Don’t go overboard and start throwing things out willy nilly, have a plan, this will help with your mental health as you work towards something and there will be a sense of fulfilment. Whether it’s just the cupboards in the kitchen, your wardrobe, a tidy up or a major overhaul. I’m downsizing at the moment ready to move to a smaller house.

Set yourself goals

Write a list of things you want to achieve, plan when you’re going to do them and how long it will take (put the small jobs first).  Think about what’s important to you but be realistic about time and don’t get upset if you don’t manage to complete a job when you said you would. It should be stress free.

Timetable daily jobs

Make tidying up part of the daily routine for the whole family.  Have a system or a weekly schedule, for example ask your children to put their toys away in an agreed place at a specific time of day. When you’ve successfully de-cluttered an area introduce a new system for adding or taking away items, so that the organisation can be maintained.

Be proud

Admire your hard work, especially if other members of the household have been involved as well.  This could be a great chance for a family project.

Time for you (Jacqueline)
Right now, making time for you is one of the most important goals you should set yourself.  You may have spent a lot more time with your partner and children this year than normal and have forgotten to look after yourself.

It’s very important to make time for you, to relax and charge your batteries. There’s no need to feel guilty, if you don’t look after yourself, you can’t look after everyone else.

Have a look at your day, make a schedule so that you have time for everyone, and include yourself. When can you make time to do something you enjoy? It could be as simple as taking a relaxing bath, reading a book, watching a guilty pleasure on TV. Make sure everyone knows that you are taking some Me time, and “train” them to leave you alone. After all, you are meeting their needs, they need to meet yours.

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